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​Investment casting agricultural knife points

Comparing with other investment casting foundries in Ningbo,China,Fly foundry could also custom various wear parts for customers by investment casting. Knife points are one kind of agricultural wear parts.They are commonly used in seeding and cultivator machines.The typical characteristic of such parts is good wear-resistance and high impact.For the special working environment,customers usually require carbide tungsten tiled to the kinfe body to add the wear resistance when they are worked in soft soil with hard rock.So that the serving life will be longer.

When it works long time and tungsten carbide is worn,there is no need to make a new knife point,just braze a new carbide tungsten to the body.Which will save much time and costs.Several years ago,our brazing technolody is not so mature,we fly foundry just offer casted body to these tillage tools dealers or equipment manufacturers,they will braze the tungsten carbide locally.But the cost is much high.So we focus on this particular technology and try from sample orde until our brazing technolody is perfect.

Simple process to manufacture investment casted agricultural knife points:casting process-making mould for knife body is the first step,then wax injected to kinfe mould so that a wax mould is formed.Pouring steel liquid into the bar and dry.Cutting them and polish.At last,heat treatment to reach the mechanical properties.Machining process-When casted knife body is ready,two holes will be machined in the hand shank section to ensure assembling,then machine the section to keep smooth where will braze tungstens.Brazing process-braze carbide tungsten accordingly to the knife body.Inspection&delivery process-test the machined holes with fixture to check the dimensions and deliver to our customers after package.