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Investment casting-meat grinder plate

Meater grinder plate is one of the import part of meat grinder. In our foundry, we also make such component by investment casting process

Usually used material for such meater grinder plate is stainless steel, such as SS304 and SS3216. Such stainless steel investment castings can support a long-term resistance to corrosion. Thus, the lifetime can be longer, especially when the plate used in water and oil condition. By using such material, can also control the quality of the food making.

Such investment casted meat grinder plate are used to control the size of ground meat. After the meat been grounded, they will be pressed into the small holes inside the plate. If the hole is smaller, then the ground meat will be much more fine. Otherwise, the ground meat will be rough.

Processes for making such meat grinder plate are as follows,

Step 1, Making the blanks by investment casting

Step 2, Machining those holes according to required size

Step 3, Surface treating and packing

Now, we are making several types which are different from diameters and wall thickness. 

We can quote and product according to drawings or samples from customer. If you have such inquiry, 

pls contact us.