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​Investment casting-valve body

Investment casting valve body is the core part of whole vave and holds all valve components(valve disc,valve bonnet,ect) together.It is what regulator fluid flow through the transmission to determine which gear it goes into. They can be cleaned/rebuilt/replaced and it usually does not cost too much.

Alough investment casting valve body serves same fuction for all valve types.But the material of each valve body is not the same.For example,butterfly valve body,we do not need to make with investment casting process,sand casting is enough and we often use grey iron material with low costs.However,for investment casted check valve body,silica sol casting process is the best choice,whose accuracy is the best comparing with other investment casting process.Also we prefer stainless steel for its good anti-corrosion.It will depond as appropriate.

Maybe you will ask what the advantages of Fly foundry to serve investment casting valve body for you?

First of all,we could manufacture all type valve bodies(check valve body,butterfly valve body,gate valve body,control valve body,ect) for valve manufacturers or valve body wholesalers,we would advise which casting process will be more suitable for you according the usage and dimensions.

Secondly,no matter cast steel,cast iron or aluminum is available.

Thirdly,we could also machine valve body as well after investment casting.