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​Investment casting automotive parts

With booming development of automobile industry,Fly foundry have been expanding exporting market for various investment casting automotive parts in China.Investment casting process could meet large demands of automotive parts from 0.1kg-80kg,no matter it is complex or not.Netshape castings will greatly reduce machining job.If the wall thickness is very small,you could also consider aluminum die casting,which lost wax casting process will be difficult to manufacture.

Main automotive parts include:

*Water pump body
*Control arms
*Damper forks
*Exhaust manifolds
*Steering Knuckles
*other parts

Global automotive manufacturers are gradually turn to Fly foundry to purchase automotive parts for our good quality and on time delivery, as we are the final supplier and you could also save lots cost.Material of such automobile parts could be cast steel,cast iron,ect.At Fly foundry,we have a set of strict quality control procedures to offer our automotive customers superior quality,cost-effective prices and impressive aftersale service.If you have any interest,pls feel free to contact us right now.