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​Investment casting container twist lock

To connect shipping containers vertically,container twist lock is designed with ISO standard.In most cases,container twist locks could be made in two different types,one is double ended container twist lock,the other one is weldable shipping container twist locks.Double ended twist lock vertically connect one shipping container to another directly.However,weldable container type could be welded to a base frame to fix shipping container to another structure.

Then how container twist lock is operated?Firstly,we need to moving handle to the right so that it is in open position and insert twist lock into top container corner castings.Secondly,insert twist locks in all four corners of shipping container.Thirdly,install second shipping container on top of first shipping container.Finally,posh handles to left to close all twist locks.

Fly investment casting foundry is one of the leading manufacturer and exportor of container twist locks. We mainly supply such castings to Australia market,America market,UK market,Germany market,ect.Investment casting process will perfectly ensure super surface finish,even if under large quantity.Besides container twist locks,we could also supply other container investment castings,like container corner castings,container hinge blade,ect,to meet clients' overall requirements.