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Investment casting anchor head

Anchor head is one of the most important part for the assembling of the post tension system. The anchor head in our foundry is made by investment casting, lost wax casting process. 

Such anchor head is carbon steel castings. To reach certain mechanical property and strength, the anchor head castings will also be heat treated. According to specifications from clients, the materials contains BS3100-A4, GB45, ASTM A1045, etc. Hardness is around 200HB. All these might be changed according to special requirements from customers.

There's one problem that might be happened during casting such anchor head.

*It's a little difficult to clean sands inside the porckets of the anchor head. This also takes production time. To solve this problem, we need to modify the sand shell moulding and pouring system. Sometime, we can also machine the porckets slightly by a reamer. But cost in this way is high.

Depend on application of the anchor head castings, the shapes can be triangular, square, or even bent. 

We quote and produce such anchor head castings according to drawings or samples from customers. If you are in this building industry and require for such anchor head castings, please contact us.