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​Investment casting-combine harvester knife guards

Combine harvester is a machine harvesting grain crops,such as wheat,oats,rye,barley,ect.It is one of the most economically important labor saving incentions in agricultural machinery.Investment casting kinfe guards are suited for combine harvesters.As they are very easy to be worn during harvesting process,so farmers just need to replace them with new ones.So each year,before harvesting season,knife guard dealers or combine harester farmers will purchase a batch of new knife guards from us.

For its special working condition,wear resistance is the most important factor of investment casted harvester knife guards.So we could consider some wear resistant materials like AISI8630,45#,ect.In addition,we could also improve the hardness by heat treatment.But hardness must controlled within a range,like 50-60HRC.If the hardness is too high,then the harvester knife guards will be fragile and easy broken when woking.Of course,such knife guards could also made by die forged process,but it is not so cost-effective.

Fly foundry mainly cast combine harvester kinfe guards with lost wax casting.We could custom such parts according to our customers' drawing or sample.If you have any interest,pls do not hesitant to contact us.