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Investment casting impeller

Impeller is assembled to pump body.It could be divided into three common types,namely open impeller,semi-open impeller and enclosed impeller.Fly foundry is good at manufacturing all types of impellers with any material(ally steel,carbon steel,stainless steel,ect) for our customers.The best process of manufacturing investment casting impeller is silica sol casting for its high accuracy.Below are the brief of various investment casting impellers:

Investment casting open impeller

Impeller only contain blade and blade stiffener without front&back cover.For its low efficiency,so the application is relatively little.it is mainly used for transmission of high viscosity liquid, and slurry liquid.

Investment casting semi-open impeller

There are generally two kinds of structures.One is front semi-open impeller,consists of back cover plate and blade.The efficiency of such structural impeller is low.To improve efficiency,it should fitted with adjustable clearance seal ring.The other one is back semi-open impeller,consists of front cover plate and blade.As it could use same seal ring as enclosed impeller,the effiency is nearly the same as that of enclosed impeller.Blade also has sealing fuction expect for conveying liquid.Semi-open impeller is suitable for conveying liquid containing suspended solids like solid particles, fiber,ect.For its small maufacture difficulty,lower cost and strong adaptability,it has been an increasing trend to apply in the oil refining chemical centrifugal pump,and is also used to  transport water and approximate water liquid.

Investment casting enclosed impeller

Made up of impeller blade and front&back cover plates.The efficiency of enclosed impeller is high,but it is relatively difficult to make,which is most used in the centrifugal pump.Enclosed impeller is suitable to convey clean fluid with small viscosity like water,solution, without any particles.

Except for casting impeller,we could also machine impellers for you accordingly.Fly foundry have made such impellers for many years and expanded large overseas market for our high quality and competitive prices.Any interest,pls feel free to contact us.