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​Investment casting meat grinder body

Meat grinder castings are common investment castings made in Fly foundry.Meat grinder body is where meat or vegetable will be put to be grinded into small pieces.Thus it need good rust protection.Normally we made meat grinder components with stainless steel 304 or 316.Except for its good anti-rust,stainless steel will also make investment casting meat grinder body surface bright and clean.If we choose lost wax casting process,then we are afraid we will have to machine meat grinder body to meet assembling demand.So silica sol casting is the best choice process to manufacture meat grinder body comparing with other investment casting processes.

Such investment casting meat grinder bodies could be made according to our customers' drawings or samples.In addition to the advantage of technology itself,we also have a series of quality control procedures to ensure the quality.Firstly,we will see whether the quantity of meat grinder bodies each batch is right.Then in order to make sure there will be no quality problem,we will test inside quality by cutting 2-3 pcs samples to check if there is any defect.Of course,we could also test by some testing equipments.Thirdly,samples of investment casting meat grinder body could be sent to our customers for inspection.

Fly foundry has been manufacturing meat grinder bodies for more than ten years.For large demands of meat grinder castings,we will be always improving ourselves to serve better for our customers and keep leading position in supplying meat grinder bodies with competitive prices in China.