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​Investment casting safety clamp end link

Safety clamp is used to handle flush joint pipe and drill collar in oilfield industry.We are engaged in supplying various safe clamp components,like safety clamp end link,safety clamp insert,safety clamp wrench,safety clamp batch link,ect.All of these components could be made with investment casting process.Investment casting safety clamp end link is the main support of whole safety clamp components.We could custom safety clamp end links with investment casting common material alloy steel,carbon steel,ect.

Special advantages of Fly foundry to manufacture safety clamp end link:

*High accuracy

With investment casting process,safety clamp end link could be made to close tolerance or netshape directly and the surface of safety clamp end link is excellent.That is say we have no need to go on machining.

*Great design flexibility

By use of investment casting technology,we could cast safety clamp end link as a whole.

*Wide choice of materials 

In our foundry,wide materials are available for safety clamp end link.There is no limitation for quantity in our foundry,but you'd better order at least one furnace (500kg) each time for better pouring and heat treatment.

*Quick lead time

Normally the lead time for safety clamp end link is 30 working days.Detailed lead time will be decided by the quantity.