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​Investment casting tillage tools

Fly foundry manufactures wide range of investment casting tillage tools for tillage equipment manufacturers or tillage tools dealers.As most tillage tools need to work in hard environments,so we offen braze tungsten carbides on the surface of products.It will protect the tillage tool bodies from damage and extend the working life.Below are some typical parts of tillage tools:

*Cultivator/plow sweeps
*Chisel plow points
*ripper points
*Drill points&adaptors
*Field Cultivator Knives
*Chisel Plow Knives
*Fertilizer Knives 
*Seeding points&adapters:
*Other special tillage tools

Lost wax casting process will ensure the surface of tillage tools smooth.Before manufacturing tillage tools,we will figure out the usage of them and if the material customer offered is not so well,we would suggest our customers to choose better material.So-called better material would make the wear resistance better.Before one customer asked whether the higher of carbon content is,the better the wear resistance will be.Normally,carbon content will decide the hardness of investment casting tillage tools,but if the carbon content is too high,then it will be easy fragile,especially for long parts.Also heat treatment process will also help to adjust hardness.

When brazing tungsten carbides to the cast body,we should pay attention to the brazing temperature,otherwise both the cast body and tungsten carbide would damage and looks inaesthetic,which will affect our customers' use or sell.So brazing technology is also important for tillage tools manufacturers.In china,many foundries could make investment castings,but just few foundry could braze tungstens at the same time.So if you need tillage tools,pls contact us right away,we will show you our best service.