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Lost foam casting process

Lost foam casting is also named dry sand mold suction casting,foreigners call it EPC(Evaporative-pattern casting).It is one of the most advanced international investment casting processes.Fly foundry is the best lost foam casting foundry in China.To better understand our production of lost foam castings,we list main process in the below.

1.Pattern making:design and make pattern according to our customers’ samples or drawings by cooperated mould factory.

2.White foam model making:fill the mould cavity with EPS bead and heating so that make the bead again filled the space between beads to form a smooth surface.Take out the foam model after cooling.

3.Coating:stick foam moulds to the riser to become a model cluster and coat with fireproof paint,then dry the model cluster in the 45-50℃ baking room.

4.Put some sand into box first to reach thickness 100~150mm and then place the model cluster in the sand,pour sand again to fully cover and seal the box totally.

5.Vacuate the box and pouring metal liquid,in this case EPS model will gasify in the fuction of metal liquid, Gasification gas will through coating sand enter negative pressure system,the metal liquid will replace the position of EPS model and finally form lost foam castings,whose dimensions will be the same with EPS model.

6.pour out the sand and model cluster,cut the castings from cluster,,put all the formed lost foam castings into the shot blasting machines to make surface smooth.

7.Test the finished lost foam castings and prepare for delivery to customer’s destinations after package.