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​Manganese(Mn) Steel Castings

According to application purpose, the Manganese(Mn) is individed into two kinds, one is wear resistant Manganese(Mn), the other is non-magnetic Manganese(Mn) with Manganese more than 17%.

In our foundry, wear resistant manganese(Mn) steels are the widely used to cast wear parts. Such Manganese(Mn) steel castings contain 10%-15% Mn, 0.90%~1.50% C, 0.30~1.0 Si, S≤0.05 P≤0.10.Usually used standard specifications are ZGMn13—1(C 1.10%~1.50%)-used for low impact castings,ZGMn13—2(C1.00%~1.40%)-used for common castings,ZGMn13—3(C0.90%~1.30%)-used for complex castings,ZGMn13-4(C0.90%~1.20%)-used for higher impact castings, all with Mn within 11.0%~14.0%.

Casted Manganese(Mn) steel castings are fragile and unusable. Thus, we have to heat treat the castingsto meet the mechanical property requirements. The usually used heat treatment process for Manganese(Mn) steel castings is called Solution Treatment. After such treatment, the castings are with good properties and hardened. Thus, the Manganese(Mn) steel castings are difficult to be machined. Most of such castings are kept as castings.

According to the structure, complexity and weight of the required Manganese(Mn) steel castings, our professional engineers can suggest the best casting processes for producing Manganese(Mn) steel castings. We can cast the Manganese(Mn) steels in menthods of investment casting process and also sand casting process. Due to the speciality of Manganese(Mn) steels, sand casting process is the mostly used methond.

Manganese(Mn) steel can be casted as an indevidue wear parts, or be welded onto other carbon steel castings or alloy steel castings as hardfacings. Currently, Manganese(Mn) steel castings casted in our foundry are mainly used as crusher parts, such as crusher hammers, wear blocks, wear plates, and liners, etc. Such high resiatant material can help to longer the lifetime of the casted crusher parts. Besides crusher wear parts, Manganese(Mn) steel castings are also widely used in the industry of quarrying, diggig, dredging and excavating equipments building. Below, there're some typical parts of such Manganese(Mn) castings.

Mn Steel casted Hammers Mn Steel casted liners Mn Steel casted plates Mn Steel casted blocks

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