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​Investment casting meat grinder auger

Meat grinder auger is an essential parts of meat grinder,when it works,it will ground meat into small pieces.Most widely used material for such part is stainless steel.Of course,other material is also workable once you think the material cost by using stainless steel is over your estimation.Since there is a large marketing on meat grider auger,then you will ask how do we make meat grinder auger.Without doubt,investment casting technic is our best choice for manufacturing such parts,expect some standard specifications,investment casting could also custom some rare type.What is the benefits for meat grinder auger with investment casting process?

Cost savings

Investment casting is an very cost saving process for making meat grinder augers.It greatly reduces machining operation(sometimes we even do not 

need to do machining,just casting is enough).


Investment casting process will cast out meat grinder auger with different types.Also even a trial order is also available once we finished mould.We could  make out meat grinder auger with thin wall.

Design advantage

We could design meat grinder auger with any shapes we like under investment casting condition for larger market.

Short lead time 

Once we finish mould,we could pour casted meat grinder auger directly with large quantity at a time,unlike welding technology,we need to weld one by one,which will save lots of time.