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Aluminum gravity casting

Gravity casting process is the one of the important casting process for producing aluminum castings.

Working principle of Gravit Casting is filling the mould cavities by aluminum liquid in effect of the earth gravity.

Aluminum specification used for gravity casting process are as following,

Below are the brief gravity casting processes,

1)Aluminum liquid melting

Putting the required aluminum ingot or scrapes into the melting ovens.


Pouring the aluminum water into the designed patterns to get the casting blanks. This process is manually here.



Cooling the filled patterns in air for several hours.

5)Opening the patterns

6)Heat treating

Certain heat treatment process can help to increase the strength of the aluminum castings. 


After casting and surface treating, we can also machine the castings to the required tolerances.

Compared with aluminum die casting process, gravity casting process are widely used for casting the products with complex inner structure, but simple outside structure. With little inner porousity, gravity castings can be heat treated. Surface of the aluminum gravity castings are not as good as the die casting. The life time of the gravity casting patterns are longer than the aluminum die casting patterns. But gravity casting are not suitable for casting the products with thin wall thickness and the production efficiency is low.

Material for alunium gravity casting.There're lots aliminum grades in market. Some materials are suitable for gravity casting,but some others are much suitable for aluminum die casting or aluminum sand casting. To learn more you can click 'aluminum casting materials'.

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