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Conveyor Gear Made by Investment Casting

Fly foundry casts and machines lots of Conveyor gears by investment casting process in China. Lots of gears used to build conveyors. They works as rotating components to support the moving of conveyors. 

Type of Conveyor Gears 

Fly foundry cast various types of conveyor gears, such as bevel gear, cylindrical gear, racks, worm gear, non-circular gear, etc. 

Material of Conveyor Gears

To control quality of the investment cast conveyor gears, high qualified materials are required. Such as, quenched and tempered alloy steel, quenched carbon steel, carburized steels, cast steels, etc. Different materials required to investment cast conveyor gears that're applied on difficult works. 

Parameters of Conveyor Gears

We need detail parameters to control the accurancy of the investment cast conveyor gears. These parameters includes number of teeth(Z), helical angle(β), pitch(pn), mould(mn), pressure angle(α rb), pitch diameter(d=m*z), centre distance(a),  addendum coefficient, tip clearance coefficient.

With a long experience in this industry, we can supply qualified conveyor gears. If you have RFQ's for conveyor investment castings, please contact us