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Conveyor Investment Castings

Fly foundry cast lots of Conveyor Investment Castings in China. 

Conveyor, worked as plantform for material handling system, is widely used in various industries, such as food processing industry, mining industry, packing industry, etc.  It can save labor works to transport heavy and bulky material from one place to another. 

To build the conveyors, the OEM manufacturer requires for various components. Investment casting process is used to cast such conveyor components for a long history. These investment castings, including conveyor gear, conveyor guy hook, conveyor links, conveyor rollers and many other components. 

Fly foundry cast conveyor investment castings mainly used in building chute conveyor, wheel conveyor, chain conveyor and roller conveyors. To control quality of the conveyor, we usually choose alloy steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel to make the coveyor investment castings. Surface of the conveyor investment castings can be coated accordingly to requirements from clients. We can do painting, zinc plating, powder coating, and many other surface treatments.

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