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Investment Cast Container Hinge Blade

Fly Foundry supplies lots of investment cast container hinge blades in China. Container hinge blades is one of the important components to 
assemble container door lock rods. 

Materials used to produce the container hinge blades are carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Container hinge blades that casted in 
material of carbon steel and alloy steel will be zinc plated or galvanized to achieve better anti-corrision properities. Stainless steel castings are with good corrosion prevention and rust prevention properties. So, there's no need to zinc plated or galvanized the stainless steel container hinge blades again.

Container hinge blades are with good structure. They can be made in both investment casting process and close die forging process. In our Fly foundry, we made most of them in investment casting process. This process can better control the dimension accuracy. 

We quote and produce such investment cast container hinge blades according to drawings/samples from cutomers. If you have RFQ's for such container hinge blades, please feel free to contact us