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Investment Cast Conveyor Guy Hook

Fly foundry casts and supply lots of  investment cast conveyor guy hooks in  in China. 

Material of Investment Cast Conveyor Guy Hook

Guy hooks can be casted from alloy steel or iron materials. In fly foundry, the guy hooks are made from alloy steel in investment casting process. Such alloy steel include GB42CrMo, AISI4140, BS3100-A4. The guy hooks will be quenched and tempered to increase the strength, thus to improve the quality. Materials and mechanical property used are mainly required by customers. They choose the suitable materials to make the investment cast conveyor guy hook, according to the special application.  We can also give some suggestions on material to make the investment cast guy hooks. Our proffesional man can offer a better surface to clients.

Production Process of Investment Cast Conveyor Guy Hook

In fly foundry, the conveyor guy hook mainly made by investment casting process. Specific investment casting process is water glass casting, also called lost wax casting. They are used to cast guy hooks with weights between 0.3-60kgs. For bigger guy hooks, sand casting process is used for production. For smaller guy hooks, they can be casted in silica sol casting process. These process are for alloy conveyor guy hooks. For iron guy hooks, such as ductil iron guy hooks and grey iron guy hooks, they can be made  in sand casting process. 

Application of Investment Cast  Conveyor Guy Hook 

The investment cast guy hooks mainly used to fix the conveyors. These conveyors can be used as handling system for food processing industry, mining industry and any  other material handing industries. Quality of the investment cast guy hooks should be very good to fix the conveyor systems.  The investment cast guy hooks can be used  to fix the conveyor or other material handing equipment. The investment cast guy hooks can also be used as cable hardware to fix the cables. 

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