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Investment Cast Conveyor Link

Fly foundry casts and supply various investment cast conveyor links in China. 

Material of Investment Cast Conveyor Links

In Fly foundry, investment cast conveyor links made from alloy steel and carbon steels. Such as GB42CrMo, AISI4140, BS3100-A4, GB45, AISI1045, etc. The investment cast conveyor links will be heat treated after casting. Some require for Q&T(quenching and tempering). Some require for Normalizing. And some require for annealing or tempering only. These mainly determined by customers.

Production Process of Investment Cast Conveyor Links

Steel conveyor links are mainly made in investment casting process, also called lost wax casting process. We can control weights between 0.3-60kgs. For small or large conveyor links, we need to choose other casting processes, such as sand casting or silical sol casting.

Application of Investment Cast  Conveyor Links 

The investment cast links are used as power or connectors to move the conveyor system.  Working with investment cast conveyor gears, the investment cast conveyor links supply power to get the conveyor rolling.  These investment cast conveyor links can be used for food processing system, coal handing system and any other material handing systems. 

With a long histry in this industry, Fly foundry can supply qualified investment cast conveyor links. If you have RFQ's for investment cast conveyor links, please contact us.