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Investment Cast Conveyor Roller

Fly foundry casts and supplies lots of custom investment cast conveyor roller in China. 

Material of Investment Cast Conveyor Roller

Fly foundry cast conveyor rollers in material of alloy steel, carbon steel, cast steel and stainless steel. Material grade includes GB42CrMo, AISI4140, BS3100-A4, GB45, AISI1045, ASTM A148 105-85, ASTM A148 90-60, SS304, SS316, etc. To increase the force of friction, some investment cast conveyor rollers are covered with plastic or rubber material.

Production Process of Investment Cast Conveyor Roller

Steel conveyor roller are mainly made in  investment casting process, also called lost wax casting process. Weight of rollers we can cast is range from 0.3kg to 100kgs. Some investment cast conveyor rollers require for plastic dipping to get a plastic cover. Thus, to increase the force of friction.

Application of Investment Cast  Conveyor Roller

The investment cast conveyor rollers include driving roller and driven roller. The rollers drive the rolling of investment cast conveyor links, thus to get the conveyor starts working. Conveyors with the investment rollers are applied in many industries, such as food processing industry, mining industry, automatic packing industry, etc. 

Fly foundry can quote and produce according to drawings or samples. If you have RFQ's for investment cast conveyor rollers, please contact us. We will supply the qualified investment cast conveyor rollers to you.