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Investment Cast Glass Hardware in China

Glass hardwares are one of product series that Fly Foundry casts in China. 

Glass hardwares are widely used in the glass holding and glass assembling industry.  They can be used to fix the glasses for house decoration, as bathroom accessories, as fitment to fix the glasses fence of the swim pool. They are also used to fix the glasses on various machineries. 

Currently, the glass hardwares we mainly produced are investment cast glass hinges, investment cast glass clamps, investment cast glass supports, investment cast glass brackets, and investment cast glass corners. These products are made of alloy steels and stainless steels. Which material used depends on the working function and environment.  Such as the stainless steel glass hardwares, they are mainly used in bathroom building or other environment that're moisty or with anti-corrosion requirements. 

These alloy steel glass hardwares are made in lost wax casting process. The stainless steel glass hardwares are made in silica sol casting process. Some glass hardwares are produced by machining alloy steel or stainless steel bars or plates directly. It depends on the structure and special requirements on each glass hardware. 

If you have RFQ's for the glass hardwares, please contact us. We will supply you the qualified glass hardwares with competitive