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Investment Cast Meat Grinder Locknut

Fly Foundry produces lot kinds of meat grinder locknuts in China. Meat grinder locknuts are one of the important component for meat grinder assembling. They are used to fix each meat grinder components tightly. 

What's material used to cast meat grinder locknuts?

Meat grinder is used to grinding the meat into small pieces. They are part of food machineries. To control the quality and safty, the meat grinder components are mostly made in stainless steel, such as stainless steel 304(SS304) and stainless steel 316(SS316 or SS316L). Such stainless steel meat grinder parts can prevent the components from corrosion during using. So, the meat grinder locknut cast in Fly foundry is also made from stainless steels. 

How the meat grinder locknut are casted?

These meat grinder locknuts are produced in process of silical sol casting, a type of investment casting process. Silical sol casting process can help to control the best dimension accurancy and surfaces for the meat grinder locknuts. We will first make molds according to designed drawing of the meat grinder locknuts. Then, injecting the green wax into the mold to make the wax shells of the meat grinder locknuts. Green wax shells will be assembled and wax will be lost in high temperature condition. After that the green wax shells will be covered with several layers' sand to make sand shells. When sand shells are dried enough, the meat grinder locknuts will be cast. For more detail processes you can click Silica Sol Casting here.

How the meat grinder locknut be heat treated?

The meat grinder locknuts are made by silical sol casting process. To get better mechanical properties, they will be heat treated. Solution heattrement is used to heat treat such stainless steel meat grinder locknuts.  The solution heat treatment process can make the locknuts with better inner structure, thus to longer lifetime of the parts.

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