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Investment Cast Nut Wrench For Safety Clamp

Fly Foundry casts nut wrench for safety clamps in China for many years. 

Nut wrench is one component of safety clamps. It's used to screw up the nuts that's assembled on the safety clamps for oil pipeline foundation.

What's material used to cast safety clamp nut wrench?

Material used to cast the nut wrench for safety clamps is carbon steel. Such carbon steels are GB45, AISI 1045, GB20, AISI 1020, etc. 

How the nut wrench are casted in Fly Foundry?

These nut wrenches are made by investment casting.  This process can control the nut wrenches with a good dimensional accurancy and better surfaces. We will first make a metal mold according to design from customers. Then, make wax shells and sand shells for casting. After investment casting, these nut wrenches will be heat treated to get a better mechanical property. 

What's surface treatment required for cast Chisel Plow Sweeps?

Most of the nut wrench for safety clamps made in Fly Foundry are painted in black and red. Fly foundry is equiped with painting system. We can produce according to your requirements.

If you have such RFQ's for cast safety clamp wrench nuts, please contact us. We will offer you our best prices with qualified products.