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Investment Cast Post Tension Anchor Bracket

Fly foundry casts various anchor brackets for post tension system in China.

These brackets are casted in material of alloy steels. They require for quenching and tempering after casting. This will ensure the anchor brackets with good mechanical properties for assembling. 

We make these post tension anchor brackets in lost wax casting process, a kind of investment castings process. First, we need to make the pattern according to your designed drawings. Then, we will make wax shells with the pattern, following with several layers of chemical materials coating to make the sand shells. After that, the sand shells will be baked to make it strong enough. Finally, the sand shells will be filled with alloy steel water to get the post tension anchor bracket we need. With this production process, we can get post tension anchor bracket with more accurate dimensions. Cast tolerance can be controlled within ISO8062 CT8. Surface of the anchor brackets will be protected with anti-rust oil. 

These post tension anchor brackets usually assembled with prestressed anchor grip. This will makes the post tension anchor brackets more easy to be assembled and life time will be longer. 

If you are in need of the anchor brackets for your post-tensioning system, please contact us. We will offer you our best prices according to the drawings or samples from you.