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Investment Cast Tractor Parts in China

Fly Foundry casts and machines lot of tractor parts in China. These tractor parts are mainly produced in process of investment casting

What's material used to make tractor parts?

Currently, the tractor parts are made from cast steels, such as carbon steel GB20, GB45, Alloy steel 42CrMo, 35CrMo. Tractor parts made from such cast steels are with high strength. Some tractor parts are also made from cast irons, such as cast grey iron HT250, cast Ductile iron 500-7, Ductile iron 400-18, Ductile iron 600-3, etc. Such iron cast materials are with good wear resistance. Some tractor parts are also made in aluminum, such as aluminum A380, aluminum A356, etc.

How the track parts are casted?

For tractor parts made from steels, we use water glass casting process to produce them. Water glass casting is a kind of lost wax casting and investment casting processes. Such process can help to control a better dimension accurancy and good cast surfaces. The cast steel tractor parts can also be heat treated to get better mechanical properties. This will make the life time of tractor parts longer. We use lost foam casting process(also called Evaporative pattern casting) and sand casting processes to cast the tractor parts made from cast irons. Aluminum tractor parts are casted in gravity casting process and die casting process. 

Can cast track parts be machined in Fly foundry?

To control the assembling function of tractor parts, Fly foundry will do finish machining of the cast tractor parts. We are equiped with various machining equipments, such as lathe, milling machine, CNC, drilling machine, etc. Tractor parts are machined according to designed tolerances. 

Tractor parts casted in Fly foundry will be anti-rust oil protected or painted. It depends on assembly requirements of each tractor parts.

If you have such RFQ's for tractor parts, please contact us. We will offer you our best prices with qualified products.