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Investment Cast Turbocharger Kits

Turbocharger is a device fitted to a vehicle's engine. It's designed to improve the overall efficiency and increase performance of the engine. This is the reason why many auto manufacturers are choosing to turbocharge their vehicles. 

Fly Foundry makes lots of turbocharger Kits by investment casting process in China for many years. 

Types of Cast Turbocharger Kits

Fly foundry casts turbocharger kits, such as turbo rotated adapters, turbocharger blow off valve spacers, and turbo rotated couplers, etc. 
These turbocharger kits are designed according to different vehicles. They are quoted and produce according to designed drawings from customers.

Material of Cast Turbocharger Kits

Lots of materials are used to cast the turbocharger kits. Most of the turbocharger kits are casted of stainless steels and aluminum alloy. Stainless steel turbocharger kits are with good anti-corrosion protection. The lifetime of such turbocharger kits is longer than normal steels. The alumimum alloys will be used to cast the turbocharger kits with light functions. Some turbocharger kits can also be made of irons by sand casting. 

Surface Treatment of Cast Turbocharger Kits

There're several surface treatment processes used for cast turbocharger kits. Acid cleaning and passivation are used for stainless steel turbocharger kits. The passivation layer will protect the surface of stainless steel turbocharger kits, and also makes the surface looks better. The aluminum alloy turbocharger kits are usually anodized after casting. The anodized layer will protect the surfaces from rust and corrosion. We can also supply two layers' treating services.

If you have RFQ's for cast turbocharger kits, please contact us. We will offer you our best prices with qualified products.