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Machined Prestressed Anchor clamp

Fly Machinery supplies various kinds of prestressed anchor clamps in China.

Prestressed anchor clamps, also called prestressed anchor clamps, prestressed anchor wedges, post-tensionning anchor clamps, post tensioning anchor wedges, and post-tensioning anchor clamps, are very important components for the post-tensioned concrete assembling. These prestressed anchor clamps are inserted inside the tap holes of the concrete slabs. They are used to fix the rebars inside the slab holes. 

There're special requirements on the materials of the prestressed anchor clamps. Currently, we use 20CrMnTi for production. Some others use other kinds of alloy steel to produce the prestressed anchor clamps. To make the life-time longer, the prestressed anchor clamps will be  carburized to make the surface hard enough. 

Currently, we produce these prestressed anchor clamps by machining them from the steel bars. This process can control the diemsions and the surface roughness better. For those without special requirements, the prestressed anchor clamps can be casted and machined, too. Fly machinery can offer whatever kinds of production requirements you need.

There're mainly two types prestressed anchor clamps made here. One type is with two halves, and the other is with 3 pieces. Choosen of types depends on function of the prestressed anchor clamps. These prestressed anchor clamps are customed according to drawings and samples from customers. These anchor clamps will be assembled with the anchor head made in investment casting process in China.

If you have such enquiries, please contact us.  Looking forward to working with you on such projects.