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Post Tensioning Investment Castings in China

Fly foundry casts losts of post tensioning investment castings in China

Post tensioning is a method of reinforcing concrete or other materials with high-strength steel strands. Post tensioning castings are very important parts of the post tensioning system. Currently, Fly foundry makes post tensioning anchor head(anchor blocks), post tensioning anchor guide, poste tensioning wedge grips, etc.

Material of post tensioning anchor head/blocks is carbon steel with special hardness required. They are made in lost wax castings with better dimension control and surface roughness. The post tensioning anchor guides are made from material of irons. They are with much better wear resistance. The post tensioning wedge grips are produced from material with very higher hardness. They should be wear enough to assemble the steel strands. 

Currently,  we produce such post tensioning investment castings according to drawings/samples from customer. So, they are all customed parts according to specail funcation required by customers. If you have such RFQ's, please contact us.