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China Investment Cast Glass Bracket

Fly foundry casts various glass brackets in investment casting process for lot of years in China. 

Glass brackets is one of the important components to assemble and fix the glasses. They are widely used for bathroom hardware assembling, swimming pool hardware assembling, house building, and many other industries that requires for glasses. 

Currently, we cast these glass brackets mainly from alloy steels and stainless steels, such as AISI 4140, GB 42CrMo, SS304 and SS316 etc. 

For alloy steel cast glass brackets, we use water glass casting process to produce them. For more details, you can click 'water glass casting'. Some time, the glass brackets are used for food industry or used in the corrosivity environment, the stainless steel are required to cast the glass brackets. To make the surface more smooth and dimensions more accurate, we cast the stainless steel glass brackets in silica sol casting process. You can know more about this casting technic by clicking 'silica sol casting'.

The glass brackets we cast are mostly customed ones. That's to say, we quote and produce according to drawings and samples from customers. They are designed just to fix the glasses onto the pointed areas. 

If you have RFQ's on the investment cast glass brackets for your glass holding, please contact us