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Investment Cast Container Castings

 Fly Foundry casts various container investment castings in China. Such container castings include container top corner fitting, bottom corner fitting, container twist lock castings, container corner castings, container hinge blades, container bridge clamp castings, etc. 

These container castings can be cast from various materials. Alloy steels, carbon steels, irons, stainless steels, aluminium, and also braze or brass can also be used to produce container castings. Choosen of materials depends on funcation of the containers castings. 

Containers will be used to load products in air. And most of the containers are used for loading products and deliver them overseas by ocean. To protect the container castings from corrision, they will be coated with a special layers. Some container castings require for painting. Some require for powder coating or zinc plating. These coated layers can help to avoid corrision to longer the lifetime of the container castings. 

If you have demands of container castings, please feel free to contact us. We will supply you our best prices with qualified products.