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Investment Cast Hardware Glass Clamp

Fly foundry produces investment cast hardware glass clamps for many years in China. 

To hold the glasses, it requires lots of glass hardwares, such as glass clamps, bolts, support, steffiners, and many others. Glass clamp is one of the most important one. It's used to clamp or support the glasses in different areas and industries. There're aluminum glass clamps, steel glass clamps, wooden glass clamps, etc. 

Materials currently used to cast the glass clamps are alloy steel and stainless steel. Which material used is depend on the application of the glass clamps. 

In Fly foundry, we cast the glass clamp with investment casting process. For carbon steel glass clamps and alloy steel glass calmps, we use water glass casting process. For stainless steel glass clamps, we use silica sol casting process for production. For carbon and alloy glass clamps, they are anti-rust oild protected after casting. But finally, they will be plastic dipped to get a plastic layer. Such layers will protect the glass clamps from corrision, thus to longer the life time. For those stainless steel glass clamps, there's no need to cover them with plastic any longer. They are with good corrision resistance and can be used to fix the glasses in the water condition. 

If you have RFQ's on clamps for your glass holding, please getting in touch with us by clicking Contact Us. To protect the surfaces of the glass clamps during transporting, they will be packed with separate bags and then placed inside the plywood boxes.