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​Investment casting valve bonnet

Investment casting valve bonnet is a valve component with valve stem seal parts,used to connect or support actuators.Valve bonnet can be a whole with valve body,but also can be separated.There are two fuctions of valve bonnets,one is valve stem position to ensure stem drive switch normally.Another is sealing function,have a certain strength, preventing the internal fluid flow.

Investment casting valve bonnet is the cover of valve body,which is the second most important component of the whole valve.It could be designed in different shapes and different types according to usage.It could be made by casted or forged like body.If the valve bonnet is seprated from valve body,then we often connect it to the body by a threaded,bolted,or welded joint.Before the bonnet is attached to hole all componnets inside together,we need to put internal components,like stem,disk and actuator into the body.

We mainly custom investment casting valve bonnet with lost wax casting process or silica sol process in China.Material could be gray iron,stainless steel,ect.Such investment casted valve bonnets could be pressed letters or numbers as you like when casting.There are also some tapping holes,we could machine or cast directly.After machining investment casting valve bonnet,surface treatment like painting,powder coating,ect is also available,we will do as you need.